For whom

Business & Industry

Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam can provide you with support while finding locations to settle, for example, at the port of Amsterdam. It is also the place to build and grow your professional network, find partners and collaborate. Next to that, ILCA also aims to become a branding vehicle that represents the chemical industry and community that is present in the Metropolitan region on Amsterdam. 

University & Research

It is becoming more relevant than ever, to connect academic research output to practice. For this, academics need to find end users to  test, adopt and ultimately apply the new knowledge that is generated. ILCA can provide academic researchers with those connections, help you find end-users of the technologies that you are working on. For students we also aim to function as an active job-portal.


Technology intensive start-ups need different types of support. Starting from lab spaces, for example at the matrix innovation centers, or place to perform pilot runs, for example, at the Prodock or share lab facilities  with other start-ups, for example, at the Open Kitchen Labs. We are here to support you with information and network to provide you with the tailor-made advise that you need. In our network events you may also meet a potential investors, business developers and different kind of support for your innovation processes.

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