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ILCA is a designated iLab of Chemistry NL. Our two main focus areas are Chemistry for Sustainability & Chemistry for Life Sciences. 

Founded in 2014, ILCA’s role has always been to create direct connections between knowledge institutes, start-ups, scale-ups, and large industry across the entire technology readiness level (TRL) ladder. ILCA has been doing so by acting as a network and platform organization, bringing together knowledge institutes, businesses and governmental and semi-governmental organizations in the region. 

Our core strength has been to provide a seamless connection between Industry and Knowledge Centres, from small scale (Amsterdam science park) to pilot (Prodock) & industrial scale (Port of Amsterdam).


To stimulate and facilitate Innovation for chemistry for life sciences and chemistry for sustainability by connecting professionals.


To build a trusted brand and recognized ecosystem of chemistry experts in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam.


People at ILCA:

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